Having worked for both large and small law firms in the past, our lawyers take pride in bringing the best of both to our own practice. That includes providing big-firm talent and skill, delivering a high level of service and attention, and giving our clients the advantage of the latest technology.

Prior to establishing Bachara Construction Law Group, Chip Bachara was a shareholder of an international law firm with offices throughout the eastern U.S. and Europe. Having witnessed the tremendous advantage that firm’s technological capabilities provided for clients, he invested in equivalent technology to give BCLG’s clients the same edge.

In tandem with our experience, that technology allows us to manage even the largest construction cases, which can generate millions of documents, including extensive files of electronically stored information (ESI). The firm has been involved in many cases with voluminous ESI. In addition, Bachara Group lawyers are experienced with eDiscovery; an important advantage that saves clients from potentially costly mistakes and even court-issued sanctions.