Practice Areas


Bachara Construction Law Group is equipped to handle most legal issues relevant to the construction industry. Our team brings extensive construction knowledge and litigation experience to every case, and larger firms frequently refer their most complex construction cases to us. As a result, we have been involved in nearly every major construction dispute in Northeast Florida since our founding in 2007.

Our work includes, but is not limited to, assisting in the negotiation of construction contracts, guiding clients to carefully examine project-specific and other insurance needs, and representation in matters related to bidding, delay, professional liability and defects. We also offer mediation and arbitration of construction disputes, along with contract evaluation and general and commercial litigation.

Legal Team Consulting

Construction Defect Claims

Our attorneys have handled nearly every type of construction defect imaginable, from defective soil and site work preparation to building envelope defects and building collapses. Read More.

Construction Contract Disputes

Bachara Construction Law Group has extensive experience litigating industry standard contracts. Read More.

Catastrophic Failures & Accidents

We assist plaintiff’s counsel in catastrophic injury claims related to design and/or construction defects that may have led to an injury or death. Read More.

Insurance Coverage Disputes

Bachara Construction Law Group provides advice to clients as to whether coverage exists under particular circumstances and litigates related issues when necessary. Read More.

Lien & Bond Claims

Bachara Construction Law Group frequently provides advice regarding the pursuit and defense of construction lien claims, payment and performance bond claims and claims against public works bonds. Read More.

Delays & Liquidated Damages

We advise clients on appropriate contract language to use and how to protect, pursue and defend claims for delay damages during and after construction. Read More.

Arbitration & Mediation

We handle cases in front of private arbitration panels, representing the parties and serving as the arbitrator in construction claims. Our involvement on behalf of a client includes representation in the arbitration itself, plus other related services. Read More.

Licensing & Administrative Complaints

Whether applying for qualification as a joint venture or responding to an administrative complaint filed with the Construction Industry Licensing Board, we represent clients through various phases of the regulatory process. Read More.

Bid Protests

Bachara Construction Law Group has extensive experience representing clients in bid protests, including representation of the apparent low bidder and representation of the disappointed bidder seeking to overturn an award. Read More.