On Veterans Day and every day, the team at BCLG is grateful for the service and sacrifice of our nation’s veterans, and we have a special place in our hearts for the veterans we know best: our family members, past and present.

That roll of honor begins with Chip Bachara’s father, Henry G. “Hank” Bachara, who enlisted in the Navy during WWII and served for three years in the Pacific theatre before returning to Jacksonville to build a loving family, a successful business, and a better community. (More on his story below…) In addition, Chip and Carrie’s nephew, Jim Rutherford, served in the Army in Afghanistan.

In the Vietnam era, between graduating from college with an accounting degree and going into private practice as a CPA, Hugh Higgins’ father, David, enlisted in the Army. He served for four years and was discharged as a first lieutenant.

Paralegal Susie Marcin’s grandfather, John Lawrence Kutsch, served in the Army for four years beginning in 1945 in the Pacific, recovering the remains of the fallen. Still in high school when he enlisted, he had to secure his mother’s written approval to join up. Susie’s stepfather, Ronald Lewis Siegler, served in the Navy from 1962-1966, stationed in Norfolk, VA. When asked to fill in paperwork designating three specialties in which he might want to work, he wrote “machinist, machinist, machinist,” and his wish was granted!

The dozens of veterans in Todd MacLeod’s family include his father, Robert A. MacLeod and cousins Roger and Jay MacLeod, all of whom served in the Air Force; his grandfather, Harry S. MacLeod and cousin Richard MacLeod, who served in the Army; and his uncle and cousin, Paul MacLeod and Paul MacLeod Jr., who served in the Navy. 

BCLG’s Chief Legal Assistant & Office Manager, Diane McGovern, is surrounded by veterans. Her father, Doyle Rhinehart, was drafted into the Navy and served in the Korean War, returning to finish college and become an accountant and auditor with General Motors. Although he did not talk much about his experience in Korea, Mr. Rhinehart did enjoy recalling his service as postmaster aboard ship. (It made him, he said, the most popular member of the crew on mail days!)

Diane’s brother Douglas also served in the Navy, along with her daughters, Samantha Drumb – an anti-terrorist officer – and Jacqueline Drumb, an engineering officer who is still on active duty. And Diane’s husband, Brian, was in the Seabees for almost ten years, serving in both Operation Desert Storm and Operation Desert Shield.

As BCLG family members, we are proud of these special veterans, and thankful for all those who have worn the uniform with honor.


A Letter from the Pacific: More on Hank Bachara 

“Dear Ida, I can imagine how happy you and all the family are this very minute as well as the Whole World… now what we’ll all be looking forward to is the day we will be able to go back home and life the life we’re used to (living). It will probably be a good six months before I get out, but I think I can last it out! Maybe!”

The jubilant, poignant letter from Hank Bachara is dated August 14, 1945; “V-J. Day (OFFICIAL)”  Like thousands of his fellow service members, Chip’s father was thrilled to know he would soon be heading home, and optimistic about the future.

After his return to Jacksonville, Hank and his brothers established Bachara Builders, beginning a distinguished career in the construction industry and laying the ground for Chip’s career many years later. A talented athlete and former Golden Gloves boxer, Hank also took pride in his more than 25 years of service as a high school and college football official. Among many civic and charitable activities, he was a member and past president of the Florida-Georgia Football Officials Association and served on the Jacksonville Boxing Commission.


Like so many veterans from the Greatest Generation to today, the lives of the vets we honor have been characterized by service. Their commitment to doing the right thing and building the fabric of family, community and business represents America at her best, and we salute them!